The church has a popular hall which is available for lettings for either one off events such as children's birthday parties or it can also be booked for regular sessions throughout the year.

Here are some facts ....

★    The cost for rental is only  8 per hour or 25 for a 4 hour session


★    Hall Dimensions

            5.5 metres x 11 metres (height 2.65m)

★    A kitchen is available with gas cooker

Please note

★    No fridge in the kitchen

★    Alcohol is not allowed on Methodist premises

To contact us to check availability for your event please call Ann Taylor on 01252 835024

Fire Safety and Evacuation

If you are the leader of a group using the premises, please note the following:

It is your responsibility to study the plan of the Church and Hall showing the location of Alarm Bells, Fire Exits, Fire Extinguishers and Escape Doors and Routes.

A detailed plan is attached to the wall of the front and rear porches of the building.

It is your responsibility to lead the group evacuation to The Green, via the safest route, and to check the Church and Hall and other rooms are clear of people, then once on The Green, hold a roll call.  You should contact the Fire Service using a personal mobile phone or the Public Telephone Box (diagonally left across The Green from the Church). At the first opportunity you should notify the Church Secretary.

If you are able and it is safe to do so, you might tackle the fire with the appropriate extinguisher, but take no risks.

An information sheet and a detailed plan showing the location of the alarms, extinguishers, fire exits and routes constitutes "training" for you and your groups and will be provided at the time of booking. Please sign and date the slip attached to the information sheet to say you have read and understand your responsibilities.  The completed slip should be returned to the Church Secretary.

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